Why Every Business Needs a CRM System?

A CRM or most commonly known as Customer Relationship Management system is a valuable application for every business, specially for the sales department. A good CRM will be able to help you manage and organize your whole leads and contacts all in one place.

Without CRM, your brain can only remember at least 20 business contacts that you have and for sure out of that 20, you barely remember what important tasks or follow-ups you need to do for each one as you don’t have a proper tracking system to manage these.

That’s where CRM system shines. These systems are available for free although very few, majority of them are paid ones ranging from $20-$500 of monthly expenses, depending on your requirements you can find a good CRM that will be perfect for your business.

CRM basically integrates with your email platform such as Gmail, Outlook, and other IMAP email exchanges. Once synced, you will be able to track your contacts email history, and you will also be given the ability to add notes, add attachments, customize every contact profile, add their social media accounts, contact number, website URL, and company name.

There’s also this feature called lead pipeline, where you will be able to sort leads and track the progress from prospecting, qualification, discussion, proposal, and up to the review process. After that pipeline depending on your conversation, you can either mark a lead whether it is won or lost. Those won now became your contacts or clients.

Having a highly customizable CRM will be able to cater almost any kind of businesses, making it easier for you to communicate with your contacts. Building long lasting relationship is important in business and by using CRM to continuously update them really helps and of course they like that kind of treatment, as they will see how valuable they are to you as a business partner.

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