Live chat or Email – Which is The Best Support Channel?


The question whether live chat or email is the best customer support channel depends on various factors. Both are effective ways to handle customer inquiries, for instance a live chat not only boost the confidence of your visitors to purchase with you as they can see that little chat bubble in your website.

They are confident that they can easily contact you or one of your agents anytime they want to ask some clarifications with the product or service that you are selling. The faster you can answer to their queries, the more likely they will purchase from your company.

This is definitely a good way to boost sales as long as you have the resources such as people that will handle live chat, and those individuals with the proper knowledge about your product, and skill sets on handling customer concern the right way.

You don’t want to put a live chat attendee who is not well experienced or not properly trained. Once a customer doubts the answer you have given them, they will feel unease and will abandon the shopping cart and leave your website for sure. One of the most smart way to handle customer care for small business is by outsourcing customer support service to offshoring firm. But if the live chat agent is well trained and aware all the in and outs of your product, he or she will can handle any queries without hesitation.

Some live chat applications when the agent is not around or online, will ask for the visitor email address and name so that they can easily reach back to their question. This feature also falls under email support. Again, if you don’t have the resource, don’t offer live chat to your visitors. Rather stick to the classic email answering questions using a form on your website or simply placing your customer support email in the footer section of your blog. Most users who used this kind of channel is not in a rush and will be patiently waiting for replies from your support team on your most convenient time, but then again, a quick response might give you a higher chance of getting new sales.

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