Lead Generation Campaign for Your Business

Lead generation is a marketing strategy to capture the interest of a potential customer into whatever product or service you are offering online. Basically, you will be offering your visitors something that will be valuable for them in exchange of their contact details, and to be specific that is name and email. Others will also ask for your phone number, company name and website URL. Those email subscriptions will be compiled in a so-called email lists where a sales person can use to pitch sales relevant to what those email users opted to. Usually these are single opt in emails, but it can be also double opt in sign up where in a user should validate that he wants to subscribe and willing to receive email address from you. Double opt ins also tend to have high open rates and response rates compared to that single opt ins.

All successful signups that were captured using your lead generation landing page will be then redirected to a sales pipeline to determine who among the prospects are really interested on what you are offering. Most of the common lead capture ways are made out using forms.

You will something like these: subscribe to get your free eBook, subscribe to get beta access, or subscribe to our newsletter to get a short analysis of these product or service, some have online calculators where it will ask your requirements and try to compute based from their formula that you can’t see as it is written on the background and before you see the results you need to give your email address and name where they will forward the detailed calculated reports.  Other marketers have already tap on Facebook ads and set-up some lead generation campaigns in their target audience which can be captured by Mail Chimp as it can be integrated with ease.

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