Do You Really Need a Website Up and Running?

If you are doing online business, no doubt you need a fully functioning website. Having a website not only increases your business reach, but also you will be able to see new opportunities that will help to drive more sales to your business.

Starting a website require a domain name, this is your website name and you also need a web hosting account where you will place all your website files. These also affects the loading speed of your site and uptime so be sure to choose the best ones that is reliable 24/7.

Email marketing, telemarketing, social media promotions are just few of the internet marketing strategies you can use to get new prospects and potential clients online. These will require man power and other resources, but as long it is executed according to the plan. You will see some positive results and every investment is going to be worth it.

Most popular website used WordPress as their CMS platform. CMS stands for content management system and this is the app you can use to create and modify your digital content either in the form of videos, imagery, and articles.  The reason is it is very easy to set-up and the integrations of shopping cart, and other functionalities can be easily made because of the available plugins that you can download for free and there are also paid ones with unlocked features. Other CRM alternatives that you might want to check are Drupal, Wix, eXo Platform, Joomla, Zoho sites, Contentful, Buzzprout, etc. just to mention a few.

If you are planning to run an online store for digital goods, services or physical products, I advise to use wordpress and it will make things much easier compared to using other complicated CRMs that is not user friendly. Hope that helps.

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