Content Creation – Video or Text?

Content creation is crucial for the success of your website, whether it is an e-commerce site or just a plain blog site. The main question you will ask to yourself is what kind of content you are going to write? Or do I really need to write? Can I create videos for my visitors? Those are some of the questions that you need to answer before you can come up with a good content strategy for your business.

Written content is good as it can be easily created compared to video content. Readers can also read your article every now and then and can also be printed out if they want to. In the other hand video content which is more appealing to users, because of ease of getting information. But then again it still depends how the video was presented as creating visually appealing videos are not that simple compared to writing an article.

If you are not sure which of the two you are going to use. I suggest that you first know your purpose of creating content. Then check if you have the skills and talent to create a good video or dynamic vocabulary that you can use in your writing style, even though simple writing is much preferred by your readers for sure.

If you have some video editing skills, then go for the video content. They can be easily access nowadays through mobile as majority of the websites nowadays are responsive, meaning you can view them perfectly whatever mobile device you are using.

What is important in the end is the ability of how you can express your thoughts to your readers/viewers. Why not try both? Let’s say for this week write a good piece of content and on the other week – try to create a video. You can also try outsourcing these tasks to freelancers if you really don’t have the time. For sure you will find people who loves doing these kinds of stuff.

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